About Us

End the Stress of Digging Thru Messy Bags

Most travelers get stressed when they can’t find their things because of unorganized bags and luggage.

Riomar Designs creates organizers to help travelers quickly find their possessions. So they can relax and enjoy their trip without needless worries.

Hi, I'm Alejandra, the creative force behind Riomar Travel Organizers.

Finiding My Passion...

Before I created RioMar Designs, I was working in the mortgage and banking industry for over 15 years, and even though I was successful in my career, I knew I was not fulfilling my God giving calling, which was designing and sewing.

Then during the 2009 recession, it happened. The mortgage industry got hit the hardest, and in the process, I lost my job, my home, and all of my savings.

Needless to say, it was a very stressful time in my life, especially because I was a divorced mother of a beautiful young girl.

After experiencing strong hardships…

I discovered my desire to sew and to create accessories was still alive! That’s when I decided to start a jewelry business. However, my love for fabric and making bags was greater than my desire to make jewelry, and after several years, I decided to close that business.

During that time..

I was also working for a non-profit, I was constantly traveling all over the country. I needed to pack light, but I also wanted to carry all of my favorite jewelry pieces and toiletries.

I was having a problem, because I didn’t like any of the common jewelry travel rolls and organizers in the market. The travel and jewelry organizers were both too plain and boring or they had too many prints. They were either too small and I couldn’t really pack what I wanted or too big and they were bulky. That’s when I decided to create my own, which inspired me to found RioMar Designs.

My Inspiration...

I have always loved the beach, creeks, rivers, lakes, etc. I’m inspired by nature, colors, textures, and special moments I share with others.

I love using abstract fabrics in combination with a more neutral tone, giving the pieces a fun look, yet not too overwhelming. The pieces are designed are created to keep your life in order so you can find your peace of mind, knowing that everything is in its place, while looking modern and elegant.

Since our carriers and bags are handmade, slight differences are always expected. Just like us women, on the outside I all “look alike”, but when I take the time to look closely and deep, I see how unique you are.

Core Values

I understand the power of giving back; as a Mom with a desire to help other women, I have partnered with The Pillowcase Project, a not-for-profit organization that empowers women in Kenya to start their own micro-business.

As a customer, you are also a philanthropist, because a percentage of all proceeds is dedicated to this cause.

Wouldn’t you love having a practical and stylish organizer while helping other women?

And remember amiga, carry all with ease.

With much love,


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