Work In Progress Bag - Keep Your Project Together! DIY WIP Project bag

Let's keep all our projects organized and together with this big and spacious Work In Progress WIP Project bag.


This is a very spacious bag and you'll be able to fit inside some of your largest bag patterns and the materials, hardware, and notions you're using for your project. Also, since this bag is clear, you'll be able to spot this bag from a distance and know exactly where it is and what's inside. 😊


All you'll need to make this bag is a piece of clear or printed vinyl, a zipper, and a little bit of fabric for the zipper tabs and back pocket. You'll be able to keep your pattern pieces, pattern instructions, and the materials you're using all in one place with this WIP bag.


(2) 12” x 2.5” Button and top (vinyl)

(1) 15.25” x 14” Front Panel (vinyl)

(1) 12” x 15” Back panel (fabric or vinyl)

(1) 12” x 9” Back Pocket (vinyl or fabric)

(4) 2” x 1.5” Zipper tabs

Zipper 15.5”

16” of binding for the pocket

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