Vinyl and Fabric Bag Strap


Materials you'll need

⭐️ 1/8" double sided tape

⭐️ Cordless Iron

⭐️ Starch (optional but helpful)

⭐️ Vinyl or faux leather: 1" wide by the length you desire for your bag.

⭐️ Cotton fabric: 2" wide by the length you desire for your bag.


1️⃣ Place the double sided tape along one long edge side of your fabric strip.

2️⃣ Make a fold by taking the top edge of your fabric with the double sided tape and folding it down. 

You will use the double sided edge to guide you, the fold should be 1/8" wide.

3️⃣ Take the fold you just created and fold it again by another 1/8", all along the long side edge of your strip of fabric.

4️⃣ Take your hot iron and starch. Spray the starch on the double folded edge and iron the double folds all along the long edge.

The starch will help keep the fold in place.

Vinyl and Fabric Strap

Vinyl and fabric strap

5️⃣ Complete steps 1 - 4 on the other side of your strip of fabric. 

Vinyl and Fabric Strap

6️⃣ Insert the 1" strip of vinyl in between the two folds you made. 

The folds will cover the raw edges of the vinyl strip.

vinyl and fabric insert

vinyl and fabric strap insert

7️⃣ Secure the fabric to the vinyl by using several clips (use as many clips as you need, don't be shy!) 😊

8️⃣ Topstitch each side of the strap along the long edges using 1/8" seam allowance and 3 to 3.5 mm stitch length.


This is how it looks

vinyl and fabric bag straps 

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