Tips to Easily Cut Clear Vinyl for Clear Pouches

Two Ways I Find the Easiest To Cut Clear Vinyl

In this video I share with you my preferred method to cutting clear vinyl, plus a couple of uncommon sewing tools that are great to easily and accurately cut clear vinyl.

You can also read the instructions below:

So when cutting vinyl, usually what I do is I try to have a piece it's a little bit bigger than what my measurements are.

All you need is a quilting ruler and a rotary cutter. I make sure that I align my vinyl straight as possible, and I match the lines on my ruler to the lines of my cutting mat; both top and bottom. 

Then I just take my rotary cutter and you're going to cut this away from you. So front to back.

Pro Tip: Imagine you're cutting pizza, so you're going to apply the same pressure that you would if you were cutting pizza and start as far back as you can. 

Cutting vinyl with quilting ruler and rotary cutter
Now, say you don't have a rotary cutter, and you don't have a quilting ruler.
Let's try as an example to cut a piece of vinyl that's 6" tall by 18" long.
I'm going to use this L shape ruler that is 14" on one side and 24" on the other side.
L shape ruler on clear vinyl
Once I align my clear vinyl to the cutting mat and match all the lines where i want to cut the clear vinyl. I make it as flat as I can.
Then, I take a piece of masking tape to secure the vinyl in place.
Don't worry the tape it's not going to damage the vinyl, it's just going to help it stay in place because this will move around when you're trying to cut it, believe me! :)
Clear vinyl and masking tape
Then you're going to take your ruler and measure your piece, in this case is 6" x 18".

Because I don't have a rotary cutter, it will be very difficult for me to cut this right now with just scissors, so I'll use permanent marker, and I will draw my measurement lines.
Measurement lines clear vinyl
Now that I have marked my measurements, I can take the tapes of and I can clearly see the cutting line and it's straight.
Marker lines on clear vinyl
Now you can cut the clear vinyl using your regular scissors and it'll be just fine.
Cut vinyl using scissors
Hope you enjoy this tutorial, and make sure to check out my YouTube Channel for more tutorials, pattern reviews and anything sewing and embroidery.

✂️ Tools I'm always using:

Juki Machine:

Wonder Clips:

Quilting Ruler:

Scissors for table cutting:

Electric rotary cutter:

Heavy duty rotary cutter:

Frixion Erasable Pens:

Cutting Mat:

Erasable Ink Pen (white ink):

Wool pressing mat:

Cordless Iron:

Seam ripper:

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