Pattern Review - Chickadee Backpack

I decided to try this pattern because I absolutely loved the way it opened and I wanted to learn a new technique using metal frames.

The pattern also calls for 2 inside zipper pockets and 4 mesh pockets, so there is plenty of pockets to keep the inside of your Chickadee Backpack organized.

I also really liked the big zipper pocket in front of the Chickadee Backpack, because it has a slip pocket inside and a mesh zipper pocket. This front pocket is big enough so you can fit your cell phone, pens, and even a small tablet.

I added a key holder strap, that way I have a place for my keys and they're accessible at all times and I don't have to dig them from the bottom of the backpack.

Another feature of the backpack that I changed were the handles. Sew Sweetness original pattern calls for quilting cotton bag handles, but I made mine out of vinyl. 

I also divided the handles and added a small handle tab with rivets and a D ring. 

You can watch my video on how I made the handles here.


✂️ Tools I'm always using:

Juki Machine:

Wonder Clips:

Quilting Ruler:

Scissors for table cutting:

Electric rotary cutter:

Heavy duty rotary cutter:

Frixion Erasable Pens:

Cutting Mat:

Erasable Ink Pen (white ink):

Wool pressing mat:


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