Clear Vinyl Top Packing Cube

In this video, I show you how to make a medium size packing cube that has a clear vinyl top, it's lined and waterproof!

Below are the materials I used for this pattern and the measurement for all the pieces: 

Materials Used:

1/4 yard quilting cotton

1/4 yard 8.7 oz ripstop fabric

1-yard #5 zipper by the yard

2 zipper pulls

1/8 yard 12 gauge clear vinyl

Pattern Dimensions:

Main Panels: 13" x 9"

- Exterior Fabric (1)

- Lining Fabric (1)

Main Top Clear Vinyl Panel: 11" x 7"

Top Strips:

- Exterior Fabric 1.5" x 13" (2)

- Lining Fabric. 1.5" x 13" (2)

- Exterior Fabric 1.5" x 9" (2)

- Lining Fabric. 1.5" x 9" (2)

Main Zipper Panel:

- Top exterior and lining fabric: 36" x 1.5"

- Bottom exterior and lining fabric: 36" x 2.5"

Back Zipper Panel:

- Exterior and Lining Fabric: 6.5" x 4"

Zipper: 36" long


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