Applique Using HTV (FULL TUTORIAL)

How To Applique Using Heat Transfer Vinyl

Here is a list of the materials you'll need:

Applique materials needed

🧵 Materials Used in this video:

Spiderman's design file (not an affiliate) 


Brother SE1900

Brother Embroidery 60 colors Thread


Cricut HTV:

Embroidery scissors:

Tender Touch stabilizer:

 2 -  Apply Tender Touch stabilizer on the wrong front side of the t-shirt.

Turn the t-shirt inside out.

Apply the stabilizer on the front side of the t-shirt.

Make sure you cut a piece big enough for your hoop. In this case the design is 5" x 5", but my hoop is 5" x 7".


Fuse the stabilizer using a warm iron and a press cloth.


3 -  Measuring the Design Placement.

Turn the t-shirt right side out again.

Measure the center of the T-shirt and where you will be placing the design.

I measured 7" long and placed a marking on the half point (3.5"), then I placed the ruler horizontally on that half marking and measured 2.5", which is half of 5".


4 - Hoop the T-shirt

Place the bottom of the hoop underneath the front of the t-shirt and the top part of the hoop on the front of the t-shirt.

Using the center markings on the T-shirt, find the center of the t-shirt and align it with the center of your hoop.

 Hoop the T-shirt

Use the grid that comes with your hoop to help you during this process. 

Hoop grid

5 - Placement Stitch for the number 6

 embroidery placement stitch

Follow the instructions on your embroidery machine to complete the placement stitch for the first part of your design, in this case it's the number 6.

6 - Add Blue Heat Transfer Vinyl to the Number 6

Cut a piece of HTV big enough to cover the number 6.

Slowly remove the HTV plastic protector.

Place the heat transfer vinyl on top of the placement stitch line.

Hold the heat transfer vinyl in place by using masking tape.

remove htv plastic protector

7 - Complete the tack down stitching for the number 6

8 - Closely cut all along the number 6 using your embroidery scissors.


9 - Next complete the satin stitch around the number 6

embroidery satin stitch

10 - Press the HTV

*** STEP 15***

11 - Next we're going to change the thread and stitch the spider web

12 - Spiderman's Face

Next, we'll complete Spiderman's face placement stitch.

After that's completed, we take the hoop out of the embroidery machine.

13 - Adding the red HTV

Cut a piece of heat transfer vinyl big enough to cover Spiderman's face.

Carefully remove the plastic protector.

Place the red HTV on top of the placement stitch line and hold it in place using masking tape.

 14 - Complete the tack down stitching for Spiderman's face

After completing the tack down stitching, remove the hoop from the embroidery machine, and carefully cut the excess HTV around Spiderman's face.

15 - Press the red heat transfer vinyl.

16 - Spiderman's Face

Change the thread color

Hoop the T-shirt back on the embroidery machine

Complete the next step to stitch the web inside Spiderman's face.


My silver thread kept breaking off during the embroidery process, so I had to change thread colors in the middle of the embroidery to white.

16 - Change the thread color and let's do the satin stitch around the face.

17 - Spiderman's Eyes

Next, we complete the placement stitching for Spiderman's eyes.

We add the white HTV as you've see in the previous two steps above.

Complete the tack down stitching and this is how it looks.

18 - Spiderman's eyes

Next we take the hoop out of the embroidery machine.

Carefully cut as close as possible around the stitch line.

cut htv around stitch line

19 - Iron the White HTV

20 - Finish Spiderman's eyes

Change the thread from red to black.

Complete the satin stitch around Spiderman's eyes.

21 - Finishing your project

Remove the t-shirt from the hoop.

Cut any loose threads.

You can place a piece of tender touch on the inside of the t-shirt where all the stitching is.




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