Adjustable and Removable Bag Straps - Detailed Instructions

At first, making your straps adjustable and detachable can seem a little complicated.

Like, seriously, how does it even work!?  Well, this is a quick tutorial, but with very detailed instructions, in which you'll learn how to make adjustable and removable straps for your bags or purses.

Every bag you make needs to have a nice strap. Having the ability to make these straps adjustable and detachable or removable, makes it so much fun because you can really change the look of your bag just by swapping the straps.

Also, when you make the straps adjustable, it's easier to give the purse or bag as a gift (or to sell it) because you know the recipient will be able to adjust the strap to her/his liking.

Once you know exactly how to insert your strap thru the hardware necessary to make your strap adjustable and detachable, you won't stop making these straps, believe me! 😊


Enjoy this video and let me know down in the comments if you have any questions for me. Ciao ❤️



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